10 Machines to Open a Home-Based Business

Have you ever thought that having your own business might be easier than you think? The first step is to define in which area you want to act. Then you need to identify what is needed to open your Home Business. You can also do the opposite: see the business possibilities that can be started in your living room. If you are part of this second group, the machine tips for starting a Home Business meeting below are a good start.

We have selected equipment of various sizes and sizes, which are options to be used in the intention that you open your own company sooner than you could imagine! Check out:

10 Ideas for Machines to Open Your Own Home Business

1. Salting machine, MCI

For those who think about starting a home business in the area of ​​gastronomy, salty machines are usually a good idea. With MCI's Mini Festa model, you can produce up to a thousand snacks and sweets per hour. There are four formats: drop, ball, croquette and churros.

2. Machine for stamping T-shirts, Compact Print

A Compact Print is a company that offers solutions in the printing industry. One of them is the T-shirt printing machine, which can be used for you to start your home business. With this equipment, you produce T-shirts with the most varied designs to please an audience composed of people of different ages and styles.

3. Kit Button, Cardenas

If you intend to get into the business of making buttons, the machine developed by Cardenas may be the ideal solution. It is a small, easy-to-handle device that enables the production of 80 to 100 pieces per hour. The kit consists of a manual machine, fastener, adjustable circular cutter and 100 sets of 38mm buttons to start your production as soon as possible!

4. Fresh Pasta Machine, Italvisa

Another possibility in the field of gastronomy is the production of fresh pasta. With one of the solutions developed by Italvisa , Pastaia 2, you can make pasta like spaghetti, noodles, fusilli, lasagne, penne, among others. The production capacity is five to nine kilos per hour. The equipment is made of stainless steel and has security system.  

5. Disposable Diaper Machine, Centralmaq

Have you thought of setting up a small diaper factory in your home? You can start by selling to neighbors and acquaintances and, with the help of good marketing, expand your sales in no time. The machine Junior, the Centralmaq , is great for those who are starting. Portable, it fits in small spaces, such as in apartment rooms. With it, you can produce: disposable infant diapers, from size P to GG, feminine absorbents, geriatric diapers, among other products.

Posted on October 06, 2018 at 01:24 PM