Why To Prefer Licensed Moneylender Singapore Over A Bank

In this digital world, for sure you can find a number of online/offline money lenders. You can also go for the option of “backs” for lending the money. But the question is what the better option is? Which suggestion is more reliable and what is the most worthy recommendation? Now I am going to give you a good comparison between the licensed moneylenders Singapore and banks. After going through this comparison, you will be able to identify the good reliable option for you’re for lending the massive amount of money,


First of all get to know who licensed moneylender actually is? Keep in mind! A licensed person is one who get registered with an origination or with a Government institute. Such a registration and certification ties the moneylender to some of the limited restrictions. he has to remain within the acts and rules in regard of fees charged, interest rates, and in lending amounts.

Moreover, on real basis a licensed money lender do the same job as a bank does. Let say, a case comes when a money lender grants loan to an individual and notice him about the end dates of the agreement until which he would have to complete the installments. But if the individual give late payments then a licensed money lender do not harass the borrower. Rather he will send a legal notice to him as the banks do.

  • The licensed money lender will use the same legal methods which are used by a bank in case of delayed installments
  • While giving a loan the licensed money lender will accomplish the paper work in the same way as a bank accomplishes it


A licensed moneylenders Singapore works with more efficacy & efficiency then that of a bank. They will provide you with fast and viable solutions. Their assistance services are also proficient then that of bank services. Through a licensed moneylenders Singapore, you can borrow money within 35 – 45 minutes if your paper work is complete. You do not have to wait for days and days for your turn.


Moreover, licensed money lenders avails you approval with ease. Most probably they do not care about your poor credit rating. In this regard bank services are rigid.

From the above discussion it is clear that licensed money lender is better option than that of the bank for borrowing the money. 

Posted on March 04, 2016 at 12:14 AM