BEWARE OF BELLA LABS . . . . Another Fake Offer

It is not difficult to fall for bogus offers.

It must be because a few are valid offers and great products and attempting a sample for the expense of postage is outstanding. Some of the things revealed on the Internet are great products and for the cost of transport try them?

The trouble is some of these offers are outright lies, such as the following:

*you'll have 14 days from the exact date you get your bottle to decide if BellaLabs is appropriate for you. By clicking the button to the right and submitting this order, you agree your card will be billed $4.95 for shipping & handling, you consent to pay $87.63 for your first bottle of BellaLabs unless you cancel your order within 14 days of receipt and return the bottle to us postmarked within 14th days of reception, and you consent to pay $87.63 each month for a new bottle of BellaLabs that will be automatically sent to you each month unless you cancel.

Bella Labs is among the liars and scammers. They guarantee remarkable results, even wonders for their wrinkle cream, which of course you seriously doubt, but it is their guarantees which you absolutely, positively would not have to pay a cent more over an above your $4.95 shipping fee that sucks you in. You figure if it is amazing you'll purchase again and you're going to get a good quality bottle of skin lotion, try it.

After locating the merchandise tacky and canceling an order to prevent more cargoes, Bella Labs sent the subsequent e-mails.

July 20
"You must return the balance of the item to the address on the rear of the bottle. Please make certain so we may notate the right report upon receiving your first and last name and order number are written out on the packaging. For those who have some other questions, don't hesitate to respond to this email or call customer service during our regular business hours. At this moment, your trial is completely deleted. Thank you."

July 21
"Thank you for using La Creme Skin Care 14 Day Trial Offer. This e-mail will be to notify you your subscription status has been recently updated, and any on-going or all future costs are canceled as according to your request."

July 21
"If, in the minute, you're not able to return the bottle, keep it as a courtesy. You aren't going to find additional costs applied to your account. Thank you."

On July 28, a week following the past correspondence Bella Labs billed my credit card $87.00.

How do these folks get away with this? They make offers they don't have any intention of keeping. A minute or two on Google will tell the whole story and it's going to reflect the preceding.

It Is embarrassing to fall for this particular crap. Again. : (

Do Not go there women.

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 07:15 PM