Wild Laws in the State of Indiana and Interesting Facts

The jail architects considered their patented layout would help keep rigorous Victorian social order by restricting private contact between jailer and prisoner. By rotating a hand crank on which the two-tiered turntable pivoted, a jailer could bring one of 16 pie-shaped cells to the opening, letting one prisoner in or outside. !

-- A man from Indiana is generally called a Hoosier - the term first appeared in the 1830s. But no one appears to be aware of the precise source of the word. The top theory has 'Hoosier' originating as a term for a country or backwoodsman bumpkin.

Indiana laws are quite silly....which additionally makes them humorous. I can not help but wish I 'd been a fly on the wall listening to a group of morons discuss instating some of these laws. What could prompt the importance of the majority of them......and I really wonder how many were truly applied!

This was another fun read. I was born in In. ( Johnson, in. ) and grew up swimming in the Wabash river. I got sister. so this was an old home week. They have some laws that are insane. lol...

Hi, Paula. Can these insane laws get any more crazy you inquired? You betcha! Each time I research the wild laws of a different state I 'm amazed at their variety that was eccentric. Undoubtedly, some feeble-minded legislator was affected by Hitchcock's movie, 'The Birds,' as you proposed.

And as far as the laws concerning sexual practices ... I do not believe I Will go there. ;) Thank you for locating the information and also the laws amusing. And the Up pluses. Can not wait to read what you think of my next 'amusing called town' heart.

Hi, Ruby, reveled this was a deja vu of sorts and a fun. You need to have had lots of fun swimming in the Wabash with sis as a child. I could supply a kind of old home week for you. Even with the insane laws, that is. ;)

Hi, Sandy. So pleasant to see you here, m'dear. When Bubblews quit paying, I quit writing ... for them. Great you understand about that 'no-bathroom' edict from March to October. But you know, I read that law attentively and it neglected to mention any illegality

I declare I replied Bill, your opinion before, but it's vanished. Must be those Google gremlins. What I indicated was don't stress. Should you realize that you are having to drive through Indiana, only lock the car doors, bring along a pitbull that is starving, and keep on going.

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