Do You Know What Business Law is All About and Who Is It For?

The Business Law is an area of ​​Private Law - which deals, in a nutshell, with the relations between individuals - and takes care of the entrepreneurial activities and the entrepreneur, becoming firmly a set of disciplinary norms that acts on...

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5 Tips for Small Business Legislation

Opening and maintaining a business requires a lot of organization and having to deal with administrative processes and controlling the company already takes a lot of time. However, these are not the only essential factors in achieving success: Legal...

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Sanctioned Law to Secure Loans to Microentrepreneurs

The National Program of Oriented Productive Microcredit should grant small loans to low-income entrepreneurs. This is provided for in Legal 136636/2018, sanctioned by a veto and published in the Official Gazette. The norm originates in the Draft Law...

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